Exception Management & Processing

EMP is a handling system for enquiries, problems and complaints. EMP makes sure that the issues are recorded and assigned to the responsible person or department.

It's possible to receive information about the status of the task, to monitors all tasks, to trace the handling history and to recognise pending matters in an instant. EMP works as a stand alone solution or can be fully integrated with current systems already in use.

Target customers: companies that work with defined business processes and with a need to manage exceptions professionally.

Features of EMP

  • EMP adapts to your procedures and areas of activity
  • Lookback functionality
  • A finely tuned system of filters
  • Smooth integration of Outlook
  • Clearly structured input masks
  • Problem tickets with complete tracking of all processing steps
  • Easy and intuitive learning of application operations
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Cross Platform Reporting

CPR is a stand alone application, comes integrated into PARS or is available as an add-on to EMP. It analyses information and creates user definable reports with external customer quality, even when data is extracted from various databases.
The software is based on a 3-stage meta layer ensuring that your report setup is maintained, even if the data sources are changed. The system is easy to use and can be deployed in complex environments even with the largest of data volumes.
Access rights can be defined individually for each report and information can also be exported to powerpoint, word or excel.

Target customers: companies with complex reporting requirements or need the ability create custom reports quickly.

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