Robust Client Reporting Event

As I wrote earlier in our blog, we attended the Marcus Evans Event on Robust Client Reporting. 2.5 days in London, sharing, discussing and challenging ideas and trends on Client Reporting. It´s time to evaluate. Let´s forget the first half day with a workshop on data visualisation, presented with slides that primarily contained words. Laughing

Thursday and Friday were filled with high quality presentations and panel discussions. Main challenges on client reporting that were identified are :

  • increasing volumes 
  • accuracy 
  • timeliness 
  • on-line 
  • compliance 

Both accuracy and compliance were included in our own presentation titled “the art of control”. (For details on this presentation see our other blog posts with this title.) This was great input for our product development. We are already working on mock screens for on-line reporting to be shared later this year.

The audience was small compared to other events and that´s how an intimate atmosphere was created. On Friday afternoon we had a round table discussion evaluating the event and discussing how to cope with above mentioned challenges. I was impressed by how openly each participant shared his/her concerns. The participant´s expectations of learning and exchanging ideas were definitely met. Our goals to talk to the participants, learn about their client reporting issues and have a great time were achieved as well. Thanks to the organisation that showed great flexiblity and service orientation during the event.