GIPS: A Passport to credibility for fund performance

As the financial crisis ensues over the world with absolutely no resolution in sight the importance of flawless asset management becomes clearer by the day.

Is this just marketing mumbo jumbo or does it really hold some truth?

As a graphic designer I frequently search the world wide web looking for the latest (web) design techniques, but also to get a grasp of what the purpose of GIPS really is and how a company like Koster Engineering could help asset managers to merge the GIPS standards smoothly into their operations.

The following linked article (published by 'The Hedgefund Journal' in October 2010) still holds true to today. It still is important for major firms to obtain a GIPS certification otherwise they might opt-out of certain RFP's. It is something to think about during the current financial turmoil.

Click here to read the full article by Stuart Fieldhouse, as published by 'The Hedgefund Journal' in October 2010. (http://www.gipsstandards.org/news/inthenews/pdf/the_hedge_fund_journal_gips_article.pdf)

You are of course very welcome to share your thoughts on the subject.