Performance Analysis and Reporting System


Introduction to PARS
(Performance Analysis & Reporting System)

PARS (Performance Analysis and Reporting System) is a stand alone system with a strong interface setup. It can handle very large data
volumes using automated processes.

The system and its reports are highly configurable and making your GIPS® 2010 compliance easier to achieve and sustain.

It is designed for companies active in asset management.

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7 Building Blocks

PARS (Performance Analysis & Reporting System) has a modular set up containing 7 building blocks.

Please hover over any of the 7 blocks to get a detailed explanation of its function.

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Benefits of PARS (Performance Analysis & Reporting System)

Below we wil describe some of the benefits of PARS (Performance Analysis & Reporting System). For more information and features, please download the brochure.



Proven in large data volume environments

Over 600,000 portfolios processed & 1,000,000,000 events managed




Supporting GIPS® 2010 compliance

Our software is designed to support your GIPS® 2010 compliance.

During the implementation project direct contact will be established with your
auditor to make sure GIPS® compliance is supported for your unique business environment.




Enables user defined reporting

To have customisable reporting is extremely important for our clients.
PARS (Performance Analysis & Reporting System) reports have external customer quality and can be created by users individually. Information can also be exported to excel, powerpoint or word.




Highly configurable

We believe that every customer has its own unique business situation
with specific system needs. PARS (Performance Analysis & Reporting System) can be configured to meet those needs.




Transparent audit trail

To support GIPS® 2010 compliance PARS (Performance Analysis & Reporting System) has an audit trail. Every change is registered with who, when and why it is done.
There are no non-documented changes possible. This audit trail in combination with PARS' (Performance Analysis & Reporting System) control reports makes the auditors' job easier.




Stand alone system with strong interface build-up

PARS (Performance Analysis & Reporting System) is a stand alone system that can be integrated with your current
portfolio management system. We ensure that the interfaces to other systems are robust
and can handle or report any discrepancies.




Auditor's Acknowledgement

Auditors acknowledge PARS (Performance Analysis & Reporting System) as best practice for GIPS® compliant reporting.

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img_bro_webMore Information

You can download the full PARS (Performance Analysis & Reporting System) brochure for more information.
The brochure will fill you in on the details behind the core functionality and the features of the GIPS® module.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Click here to download the brochure.

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